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Maria Bike is a new Moped concept, a comfortable, safe, individual and autonomous mobility solution for all urban areas.

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In order to move a society that is increasingly concerned about sustainable mobility, the project wants to provide solutions to some adversities.

Global Pollution
Global Pollution

The world's population is exposed to high harmful levels of air pollution.

Repercussions of car traffic
The impact of car traffic

Up to 30 per cent of pollutant emissions in European cities come from road transport.

Costs of  production
Production costs

Fluctuations in raw material prices, scarcity of resources or increased transport costs.

Waste and inefficiency
Waste and inefficiency.

Inefficient production processes, material waste and non-recyclable residues.



Sustainable materials
Sustainable materials

Creation of a new biocomposite material, recycled, recyclable and reusable on the production line - only possible thanks to our sustainable circular economy.

A future with a neutral carbon footprint
A future with a neutral carbon footprint

The App that manages vehicle utilisation also allows the calculation of the carbon footprint, as well as receiving timely warnings about the replacement of parts.

Trouble-free maintenance
Trouble-free maintenance

Allows scheduled vehicle maintenance with the help of an intuitive manual. The components are easy to dismantle, and reassemble.

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